life is a ceremony


ॐ a formal act or series of acts prescribed by ritual, protocol, or convention*



Experiencing a ceremony,

ॐ can be a call to other worlds, into a liminal state of consciousness/altered state of consciousness

ॐ dancing, drumming, shaking, breathing, praying, chanting to reach an ecstatic/hypnotic state

ॐ can be an experimental journey to connect different parts of the (higher) consciousness/unconsciousness

ॐ due to the passage from one phase to another in the individual's life-cycle (birth, puberty, marriage, death)

ॐ divinatory of healing reasons (gynecological troubles, physical injuries, fertility, life crisis, occupations)***

ॐ New year is celebrated by the simbolism of death and rebirth




ॐ sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place and according to set sequence*


A Ritual is connected to a ritualistic, repetition event or happening, with a special purpose (intention), ritual actors, ritual audience, ritual objects (altar, flags, flowers, ..) Since the 90s (1989) where human population for example in Germany had to live a huge liminal "shift" because of the fall of eastern/western Germany, social groups started to create dramaturgic ceremonies, called "Performances"(Theaters, Communiy Meetings)and the ancient origin of communal rites were "reborn" as Performance Studies (Dance, Play, Drama).

To understand Victor Turners very much used term "liminal", concerns a state "in-between" for example, from being awake to dreaming *. In liminal states, new ways of acting, new combinations of symbols to be descarted or accepted. 


**1969 Turner, The Ritual Process p.95(betwixt and between the positions assigned by law, custom, convention, ceremonial. 

***Turner, V. W. (1973). "Symbols in African Ritual (16 March 1973)". Science. 179 (4078): 1100–1105. Bibcode:1973Sci...179.1100T.

1982  Victor Turner, From Ritual to Theater Performance 

1981 The end of Humanism, The Decline and Fall, Richard Schechner

Mircea Eliade's book The Myth of the Eternal Return, Year, New Year, Cosmogony


empiric state of ritual art - examples of ceremonies

kirtan - bhakti celebration

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