Retreat in Guatemala on the beautiful Lake Atitlan

Private Retreat Guatemala Atitlan
Private Retreat Guatemala Atitlan

Give yourself a break and discover mayan cosmovision, spiritual experience, a powerful lake and find inner healing from a demanding lifestyle. Contact me private for your personal retreat and individual or group session. I will guide you through your process of making true happiness and freedom in your heart.

"Embark on a journey of self-discovery and clarity with the ancient wisdom of Tarot. Illuminate your path, gain insights into decision-making, and unlock the secrets to your true potential. Let the cards guide you towards a future filled with purpose and understanding. Discover the power within you – Tarot Readings for a clearer, more enlightened tomorrow."


Reading: 90 min

Topics: Health, Path, Purpose, Relationships, Soulflame, Fertility, Career

Cost: 500q or 55 US