Trigger point and micropressure


I am a former massage therapist, I have also always been a “triggery” person and I support my flow through self-empowerment. A trigger point is a physical manifest in the  of an emotional trigger, often both can be released at the same time.  Trigger points develop in the myofascia, mainly in the centre of a muscle belly where the motor endplate enters. The root of the pain can be released through pressing the point with a little stick for about 30 seconds, together with special breathing techniques.


Through my work and investigations about pain treatment, I discovered the micropressure and the Organic Pin code.

Biocybernetics the Organic Pincode after Smit.


Impulses for well-being and regeneration

The method is based on processes that evolve comprehensive momentum on the basis of a technical understanding of natural balance and its holistic workings in the body. Functional blockages within the complex triad of body, mind and soul, are being resolved for good. A reset to achieve natural balance by means of simple excitation of the natural physical 'operating systems' is effected by a regular protocol of self-application. When activated, the self-healing  properties of the organism regulate individual challenges to the system independently.

Every harmony or imbalance of one organ system is mirrored in all others too. (coherent interaction, interconnected, inter-related, inter-dependent). Exactly this property can be taken advantage of, to reverse disturbing interferences within the system. Due to this observation, symptoms often find expression in far off locations from the original site of the actual disorder. The "overall systemic" regulation consists of a standard protocol that is applied to reflex areas of the body in an easy to learn system that works via cybernetic bio-feedback loops. As a result, a complex triadic answer is generated individually by our self-learning natural system (natural intelligence). The organism naturally resets to the correct symmetry in powerful resonance with natural principles. Anyone who arrives at a state of balanced symmetry has no more need for malaise, sickness or illness. Instant reactions to the remedial triggers are typically felt as improvements in the sense of ease, wellbeing, better mobility and a better mental and spiritual cohesion. However, this is not a therapy in the traditional sense, because it does not involve manual and physical manipulations. The ease and beauty in applying this method lies in the fact that one does not need to comprehend or diagnose a physical problem in a professional sense either. Thus, no elaborate training is required for effective applications. The organism has, as a matter of evolutionary course, always been self-regulating. Regulation is by far preferable to diagnosis and therapy, as it represents the most sophisticated level of prevention.

This system offers a deeper reach and extended use of the body's own remedial toolkit and, as such, Micropressure  to Smit  could be seen as a unique type of body care, without active ingredients or technical equipment, merely by activating gentle impulses through a technique that only requires to be learned once.

  • The right to own your body functions

The system provides effective means of supporting human self-healing circuitry (bio-cybernetics) and has been made available to us after it had stayed in hibernation for too long. During its hibernation it has, however, proved to be of tremendous help to top sport stars who competed with that little extra cutting edge for success. Micropressure according to Smit has been thoroughly researched, proven to work and ascertained its reliability over the last 30 years. Dr.-Ing. Jan Gerhard Smit of Dresden released his work 'Open Source' to every one seeking well-being and balanced health and fitness. Dr. Smit also formed the original core of today's bio-cybernetics association.

Although Dr. Smit was well known as a technical director for electronic projects of the State, the East German authorities ignored Dr. Smit's method with it's beneficial effects for a long time. The reason may have been in it's accessibility and effectiveness application. It was, nonetheless, for many years regarded as the 'secret knowledge' of East Germany (GDR), and exclusively made available to high-ranking members of the military, the government and high performance athletes. Numerous world champions and Olympic athletes trusted in the Micropressure according to Smit. This ensured the recipient's inner poise, exacting symmetry, balance of joints and sound posture. A properly balanced and optimally honed body has more strength, endurance and the lowest possible wear to boot during competitions.


by using the black vulcanic ancient stones, this treatment will help you to relieve muscle tension and pain, the combination of the heat and the circular motion will bring you in a deep state of meditation. Come to... *reduce stress and anxiety *promote good deep sleep *immunity booster *supports blood pressure, arthritis *increase metabolism and circulation The stones will heat up your body and expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow througout your body.

It is a 90 minutes treatment, swedish massage with oils, aromatheraphy, Reiki.

30 MIN 40 EURO

60 MIN 85 EURO

90 MIN 150 EURO