Cacaolove ( is a label to support Cacao and Healing Arts, that was created with the vision of connecting with sustainable projects, that unite ancient traditions with the new. Cacao is a medicine of Central America, that is known more and more all over the world for its healing properties.
The seed of the ancient Mayas comes back to a community that emerged out of balance, brings back harmony in an organic way. Cacao means the seed, the initiation, as also with this project the idea was born to create an impact on nature. 

Kun Deva

 Holistic visionary coach, anthropologist, trainer, musician, creative producer

After finishing the Tourism Academy in Austria in 2005 she went to the capital of Austria, Vienna to start a career studying Marketing at the Advertising Academy Vienna.


Through a traineeship in Online Marketing she got a part time Job as Junior Product Manager and was almost 3 years working and continued studying part-time Business Management and international Entrepreneurship (BA).


During this time studying from 2007-2010 she successfully received a scholarship for studying one exchange semester in Spain, Madrid (2009). She loved the spanish language and felt a deep connection to continue somehow with this language. After finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Business (2010) she continued with the career studying Latin American Studies with the vision to study abroad in Latin America.  


Daniela has a master degree in Latin American Studies (University of Vienna/Cartagena) and has immersed herself with ritual arts and indigenous cultures. 


She was taught by many teachers and shamans on her journey and developed a sense for medicine music and celebration of ritual and culture by dance and art. 


She created workshops, events, seminars and transformational experiences for cultural gatherings, yoga festivals and brings her knowledge about ceremony to many events and festivals in Europe and South America. 


She visited more than 15 countries of 3 continents (las americas, asia, europe) to understand and to feel cultural essence of people, tribes and their healing rites.


She feels connected with the nature, the plants and animals and their communication on this planet and has gained this wisdom through plant medicine and intensive meditation practice (vippassana) 


On her vision to change consciousness about teacher plants, raw food (cacao) plant medicine she helps people, social groups, to find their way, to get empowered developing consciousness and intuition by teaching Kundalini Flow and Ecstatic Cacao Journeys (CacaoLoveJourney and PowerAnimalCacaoJourney). 


In most classes and ceremonies you will be able to connect with your source, poweranimals, archetypes, ancestors by the ability of opening portals (breath, voice, music, trance) of an infinite source of creativity. 


2023 Biocybernetics Micropressure according to Smit The Organic Pin Code, Austria

2022 Reflexology, Guatemala

2021 Hot Stones Practitioner, Guatemala 

2019 The Healing Voice, 2 days Training with Suyana (

2019 Vipassana, Scheibbs Buddhist Center (

2018 Vipassana, Scheibbs Buddhist Center (

2017 Reiki Level I and II with Nicole Tupechka, Panama, (

2015 Ananda Yoga teacher Training (IYA 500 h) Hatha&Kundalini Yoga by Sivananda and Yogi Bhajan


2015 Austria, PhD Anthropology, Ritual Studies, Dr. Heike Mader 

2014 Scheibbs, Buddhist Center,

2015 Austria, Gong Master Teacher Training, Slawomir Sówka (

2014 Austria, Certification for International Sport Management, (www.

2013 Austria, MA Master of Latin American Studies, University of Vienna

2013 Austria, traditional Massage certification

2012 Austria, Colombia, MASTER THESIS University of Guajira, Indigenous Arts*Wayuu*, “Sacred symbols and Ethnic art”

2011 Colombia, Cartagena Exchange Semester Indigenous History and Cultures of Colombia

2010 Austria, Vienna Business School BA, Bachelor of Arts in Business

2009 Spain, Madrid Exchange Semester in International Business and Administration


TEACHINGS and Treatments

2023 Hotel Werzers, Velden am Wörther See, SPA Leitung vom Wallerwirt Werzers

2022 Hotel Schönleiten, Dorfleiten Yoga-Classes

2022 Kurs Zeremonie Training, Kärnten Cacao Ceremony facilitator training

2019 Villach, Yoga Villach, Kundalini Yoga

2019 Villach, Power Animal Journey, hosting the Cacao and Totem Journey, supporting the Gong- and Artsession

2018 Villach, CacaoLoveJourney, hosting the Cacao Ceremony and Sacred Tribal Dance

2018 Costa Brava, Kundalini Yoga & Intuitive Coaching

2017 Vienna Hatha Yoga Teacher, Body&Soul, Therme Wien Fitness

2017 San Marcos, Guatemala, Workshops and Classes about Ancient Yoga

2017 Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Sacred Kundalini Colombia RETREAT (

2016 Germany, Love & Peace Festival, Kastell Windsor, Intuitive Heart Workshop with Chandra Kiran Kaur

2016 Vienna Hatha Yoga, Body&Soul, Therme Wien Fitness

2016 Ancient Yoga (LAER, Löwengasse, 1030 ( yoga-einsteiger/2016-05-08/)

2015 Vienna EHSO Workshop (Fokus Center for conscious being, 1070) about practising spiritual techniques, Remote Viewing, Trance journeys, Meditation

2015 France, European Kundalini Yoga Festival, Work Exchange at Teens Camp


2015 Austria, Austrian Kundalini Yoga Festival, Spirit Lounge (

2015 Austria, Wurzeln der ERDE, Kundalini Yoga & Mantras

2014 Colombia, Anahata Chakra, Workshop, Seminar

2014 Colombia, Bucaramanga, EcoYoga Festival, Kundalini Yoga Class



2019 Scheibbs, Vipassana, Dr. Claudia Pillat, (

2018 Scheibbs, Vipassana, Dr. Claudia Pillat, (

2017 Scheibbs, Vipassana, Dr. Claudia Pillat, (

2016 New York, Kundalini Yoga East, Kundalini Yoga Park Slope

2016 Austria, Core Shamanism, International Shamanic Foundation, Mag. Roland Urban, Assistance

2016 France, European Kundalini Yoga Festival, Sound Circle, Teens Camp Support

2016 Germany, German Kundalini Yoga Festival, Oberlethe, Workshop Translation, SEWA, Bazar

2016 Styria, Austrian Kundalini Yoga Festival, Schloß Limberg, Wake Up Team and Lost & Found

2016 Vienna, Sound of Gong Journey , ATHA Yoga, 1170

2016 India, Ancient Yoga practise and investigation about ayurveda, vedic and hindu life style and rituals

2015 Austria, Buddhist Center Scheibbs, Vippassana Meditation Retreat (

2015 Austria, University of Vienna, Faculty of Social Science, Anthropology, Indigenous Cosmovision and Ritual Arts

2014 Colombia, Learning about sacred ceremonies and shamanic practise by experience and guidance of different shamans (Putumayo, Bucaramanga, Santa Marta, Palomino, Buritaca)



kun deva (colombia 2011)

grown by the philosophies and visions of shamans, her gurus, teachers she was inspired by nature and indigenous practices about dreams, ceremonies, constructions, sacred geometry, art, music.

She spent more than 5 years visiting Colombia and Guatemala, participating in more than 30 plant medicine reatreats and gatherings with different shamans and healers.

creative content creator/Events

SlamJam im Tart, Widmanngasse 16 Villach


LIFE IS the experimentation of the non-comfort-zone!


kundalini & hatha yoga teacher certification (500h IYA)

it is your mind that creates this world - path

Born and grown in the South of Austria the 7th of June 1986 (St. Veit, Villach)

Anthropologist of Sacred Geometry and Indigenous ART, Yoga & Reiki, Soundhealing


grown by friendship with different cultures of South America and the development of ancient techniques about METAPHYSICS, PSYCHOLOGY and HEALING ARTS


"The mind should dance with the body, and always be in a close friendship. Whatever comes up dont resist it, try to celebrate the connection between your heart and your mind. GO through your emotional blocks by the guidance of the universe and take life as a mirror of your inner creacion. Be sensitive but always concentrate on the purpose of your Action. Meditation and prayer will help and guide you just trust in you and life." Kun Deva


Hot Stone Massage Practitioner
Hot Stone Massage Practitioner