Thank you for being here! This is an invitation for all that feeling heavy emotions coming together, to take a deep breath. And drink a sip of mama cacao!


Transformational times are the reason of trying to find structure in a chaotic environment. If you feel having a difficult time, it is not very unsure that more people at the same time feeling the same emotions, because we are a collective. If something gets out of balance, the whole collective is trying to synchronize with nature, to create balance. To recreate the correct flow of energy I like to invite the power of the elements into a ceremonial setting. 


After an interview about your healing intentions you will be guided in your personal story to embody emotions with placing candles and pulling cards. In the reading of symbols and imagination we are coming to the identity of the problem, the root of the pain, the TRIGGER POINT




There are many tools, that I have learned on my healing path, 15 years travels in different countries, creating the life of my dreams. With ups and downs. Altough it will never be easy to go through a healing process, it can be released physically, once the emotion is embodied and integrated.

Step by step! Through my personal experience, trainings in different fields of physical and emotional trauma healing I am working with different techniques to invoke finding the TRIGGER POINT


Since 2017 I am integrating IXCACAO in my work as therapist, coach, creative artist! I truly believe in this medicine, to balance ourselves and nature. To synchronize with nature´s ballance.


Living in Guatemala, coming from Austria, being a mum since 2020, I experience many transformations in my life. It is an ongoing process. I am studying the Mayan Calender since 2017, and integrating this life philsosphy in my day to day life. I love to work with sacred circles, altars, groups and individuals.


I love to share my life and offerings with you in an individual setting, home visit, or sacred altar. I also can do online support, if it is not a physical problem.


If you are actually on the way to Guatemala, dont hesitate to contact me for a personal fire and cacao ceremony! Much love Kun Cacaolove

Inner vision quest guatemala

Do you feel stuck in your emotions, physical body? Do you want to have more freedom in your life, to manage your time independently, then I have this Retreat for you!

Come to Guatemala, to one of the most beautiful lakes, LAKE ATITLAN!

I offer 5 day courses, including treatments, readings, activities around the lake!

Of course, we are going to include the medicine of IXCACAO in our daily practice of Yoga, Meditations.

Contact me for more details!

Retreat Step into your Power!

Step into your divine frequency, where everything resonates with pure abundance. Let this flow of abundance come into your life. Release traumas from the past, negative programming. 

Clarify your dreams and structure them. We are going to travel into the subconscious realms, finding your spiritual guidance, ALIS, that are here for kicking out all the monsters and monkeys in your mind.


Would you like the freedom to choose your life, to create a fulfilling reality? No matter what you have studied, we all can start with ZERO and make it to a successful heart-oriented business.


Parents welcome. Beginners welcome. English, Spanish, German.


4 weeks ceremonial facilitator TRAINING

Photo Credit Herbert Tarmann

Private Training and Ceremonies in person again happening!  Contact Me HERE +502 46 25 26 29

Trage Dich auf der Warteliste für den Kurs in Cacao und Klangmeditation für Gesundheit- und Wellness ein. Dies ist keine Buchung, Du wirst aber zuerst über mein kommendes Kurs-Angebot informiert, um deinen Platz als erstes zu reservieren klicke bitte HIER