Actually we are experiencing a shift. A shift of consciousness from our 3rd to 5th dimensional self (visit Keith Cacao Ceremonies


In this times of liminality sometimes it is not clear what makes us feeling happy. It is very important to focus on the positive vibes that envoke the wealth in our hearts!


evoke with intention


When our body is born in this life, we already know our gifts of life. Our gifts to share with the community. Even if it is just a smile, it can contribute happiness to others. In the process of growing up, we are influenced by our "heroes" and "goddesses" what is needed to strengthen our egos. It is really depdending what kind of energy is leading us, how we react to nature, to environment. There are people more connected to plants, animals than to humanity. There are souls more connected to planets, conscious systems, than to ethnical and social relationships. It all depends on our past lifes, soul character, nagual (energy of 21, mayan calender). 

First of all it is important to know your mayan nagual.

A website I am recommending for daily readings ( produced by Marc Elmy, San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala.

Next step, know your Mayan Cross and leading energy or destiny. Another good book to profound your wisdom about the creation of this Mayan history and naguales is "The book of destiny" Carlos Barrios (Kam Wuj El Libro del Destino. 2000).  

Depending on your sign, and the daily energy you know what to do!



I am pretty sure if you are reading my blogs and posts that you have heard about the LOA - the law of attraction ( You get what you give, or sending out.  Observe your surrounding, your clients, people show up on your path.

Let’s name it, like the "given world" or "the seen world". It is an exact mirror of our "inner world", of our thoughts, our believes, our emotions, good as bad. If you for example having troubles with money, reflect your thoughts and behaviour, is your attention too much on spiritual than on material world? Is there any old programe running behind the scenes given from old stories of ancestors, family, educational figures or roles from your childhood? Observe your thoughts and meditate on it. 

CEREMONY - an oft-repeated action or series of actions performed in accordance with tradition or a set of rules (


Prepare a special space where you feel safety, outside of your bed or working area. It can be inside, but should be as structured and empty as possible. Imagine it is an inner space of your consciousness, the more it is clean and structured, the more are your thoughts clean and structured. 

Life is action and experience! Action with repetition creates energy and vibrations! the more often you repeat your actions or thoughts, the more it will come into your life! the scientific explanation for that is the morphogenic field. This morphogenic field ( is creatied by the experience of humanity. All actions and thoughts which are collected, are responsible for the rising up of vibrations!!!! Good as bad!!!!

So let’s consider, that a group of monks which come together weekly and pray for peace are rising up the vibrations higher than a group of politicians speaking about laws and restrictions?!

Coming back to SEEDING!!!! Now is a time of challenge - a time of transition - a time of transcendence! SHIVAYA NAMAHA!!!


Now it is time for seeding your wishes to the UNIVERSE! As the Universe is here for our wishes you will notice it is just important to give it the right FORMULAR!!!

1. A wish needs to be positive (bringing love&light)

2. A wish needs to be integrative (for the community)

3. A wish needs to be pregnant (as much concrete as possible)


For example "I wish to get more attention from my parents". The seed for it, pay attention to people surrounding you. Or "I wish more love from my partner" the seed would be, give love to your surrounding, feed the animals, give hugs to friends, say that you love your family, ect...

Remember, the more concrete and detailed a wish is described, the better the Universe reaction will be!!!!!!!

Be magic, Life is exploration, Meditate, Give, Love, Purify!

Keep on shining,

much Love!


Kun Deva