Through my personal practice of Vipassana I discovered my thoughts and could ride in personal histories of a deeper understanding of the "neutral mind". An empty space in which I feel the purness of the moment - connected to a big golden chain, a network, or flow of joy!  


what is mindfulness?

cultvating mindfulness can be defined as "the awareness that arises from paying Attention, on Purpose, in the present moment (mbsr)

the key in mindfulness is the only moment for us to grow, transform, learn and love.

when we practice mindfulness it can help us to reduce the negative thoughts which has an effect on our stress reactivity to develope effective ways of responding positively to stressful experiences in our life.

Session 1

In this session we will learn to break through automative thought patterns and to live a life moment by moment.

Session 2

Learn Focus and projecting future actions, how we see things has a major influence on the way to respond to them. It´s more the perception which has an influence on stress level, because the mind is sometimes reacting lost in thoughts, so we come back to our senses to control the process of emotions.  Sometimes if we take just a moment, it helps to become aware, to take a deep breath and to react out of an intuitional process. (POI)

Session 3

Point of Intuition - is the moment of absolute peace in the mind, that´s the moment of infinite possibilities we create out of it. As we attend of how things are in mind in the present moment, we learn to become familiar to discover life as it is, and the power to choose how to be our present moment experience. Through affirmations we learn to nurture our attitudes that support us through life and learn to open up possibilities that support our wellbeing in the present moment.

Session 4

mindfull awareness will help us to shining the light of awareness on the shadow of stress and by a clearing statement we will learn to "destroy and recreate" energy flows. Sometimes energy is blocked by difficult situations and emotions, by repeating the Clearing Statement we will learn to transform these blocks and to help to support with a new creation of the situation.

Session 5

in this session we will learn to respond, instead of react. we are growing our perception and stop reactivity. we explore how we can relate differently to our thoughts, and to distingue between the positive and negative mind.