life is the gift of infinite possibilities and the art of living is to be aware of that every moment is a point of

creating existence

 If we can create us, why we  follow searching a way or destiny? in the moment of total existence our mind is connected with the whole, in a neutral state where Nothing else matters. there is no good or bad, Right or wrong, it is a generated space free of judgements. this state of mind is called "shuniya".

In a state of shuniya it is possible to see life as it is, and not as we believe it.


In my teachings I try to remember people of who they are, and that everything is right with them. Feelings are coming and going and there is no need to block them, it is more the power to integrate the emotions and sensations.


In ancient yoga the mind can take a rest, or will be occupied with a Task, like an Affirmation, Mantra or dynamic Motion to recreate a new Body Feeling. 


Emotional blocks are often manifested in desease, which means that some energy flows in the body, or bodies are blocked. In Kundalini Yoga we know 10 bodies, The rising Energy flow, which is called "prana", or the contrary which is called "apana."


 Ancient Yoga will open you up a new state of Consciousness. To destroy and recreate old thought Patterns.  

with closed eyes you will be guided to support your inner visions and to eliminate all of the destructive energies in your sisthem, like fear, doubt, agression, anxiety. 


Ancient Yoga is a mix of sets from Kundalini Yoga, breathing techniques from Kriya Yoga, Imagination and mindfulness to train the mind.


It is recommended to keep expectations far away what has to be or what has to happen. with some Affirmation your new Approach will be nurtured to support your state of well being in every moment, with every breath you gonna feel the whole life Energy in you. 





we are all connected to a big universal WEB, which can be described as a database of

"collective intelligence", or "the Mind of the UNIVERSE"

>> tune into the source  <<

Generally, the mind has MANY good and bad opinions about ourselves and what it would like to see (and not see) in your layers and perception. The mind wants to be right and not wrong in your life,

and get attached to what we like and don't like to experience.

 >> transcending the judgmental mind >>

for the ancient alchemy journey we gonna learn to switch into our neutral mind and

dive into a deep state of relaxation by an intense breath work for the purification of the energy channels

galactic sound waves and frequencies will guide you in a state of total relaxation

in this "state of total zero"  it is possible to access any information in the Universe


activation of the inter-dimensional radiant body

purification of the energy channels

awareness of space time and consciousness 

manifestation of all the abundance for your way

experience and learn the attunements for your self healing and vision finding

after the journey you will know about your past life patterns, symbols and how to

integrate the imagery in your daily practice and life