Yoga art clothes from recycled plastic bottles

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This is a regenarative creation and fusion of visionary art and sustainable clothing. Recycling  plastic, found in the ocean and rivers of Guatemala to resurrect  non-degradable waste material into eco conscious yoga clothing with painted art of a Visual Alchemy by Chitreeart (

Meditative Art In the Spirit of Eastern Philosophy, Practise of Mindfulness and the Union of Body, Mind and Spirit in Yoga, 
paired and combined with the Central American Expression of joy in Vibrant Colors and lightfulness, a union of both sides and distant relatives of our planet, for a change, that we wish to see in the world. Within and around, Caring for ourselfs by caring for Nature, turning the waste of careless action into beauty, wellness and creativity, as a humble contribution to sustainable development with art and fashion.

Cacaolove ( is a label to support Cacao and Healing Arts, that was created with the vision of connecting with sustainable projects, that unite ancient traditions with the new. Cacao is a medicine of Central America, that is known more and more all over the world for its healing properties.
The seed of the ancient Mayas comes back to a community that emerged out of balance, brings back harmony in an organic way. Cacao means the seed, the initiation, as also with this project the idea was born to create an positive impact on nature.

We are honoring all the beings that resonating with this project and feeling to support our vision. With this call we are making a collective financing network, that through economic donations could make our first step in production happening.

Finance Plan:
The first production requires around 6200 US, for design, production, marketing and giving back to the sacred mayan land.
We produced a proof of 20 pieces of leggings, tops and bandanas to see the quality of the painted and printed design on the recycled fabric and getting an idea of interest in our vision from our audience. For the first production of 150 pieces of pants, bath suits, men sleeves, deco fabrics we are looking for an economical support of about 3000 US, for the marketing and public relations we are looking for a support of 1600 US, for the creation of a new design that would be painted with the cacao plant for a tarot deck and also used for the clothing we need another 1600 US. 

As an exchange for our patrons we want to offer self recorded  SOUND JOURNEYS and a discount of 20 % on the first order of minimum 150 US of our recycled ceremonial clothes. After generating a 1500 US of sales we want to give back to the community of trash removal at the lake atitlan 15 % for recollecting plastic trash and taking care of the beautiful lake Atitlan.

Thank you for making this happen to support our vision!!